Every aspect of the medium/message you present to the public creates a subconscious perception of you and your business. The style of photos and/or the type and weight of paper used to print your project are key players in your business image.


Selecting the right photograph to enhance your message is critical. Design Cubed offers commercial product photography and stock photography research. Custom photo shoots are arranged. We utilize specialty photographers (food photography, portrait photography, etc.) as needed.


Professional printing services utilize equipment and skill sets not found at your local copy center, mail store, or home printer. For your business to stand out from the competition, you need quality printing, paper, and a professional visual communication piece. Design Cubed has print relationships with a range of printers to suit the needs of the job (magazines, brochures, business cards, newspaper, etc.). Not all printers are created equal – just as photographers specialize, so do printers. Design Cubed matches the print job (your project) with the printer who has the equipment and skill set to print the job to meet our rigid standards.