Design Cubed is a graphic design, website design, and strategic marketing firm that provides strong visual communications to help you grow your business revenue and profits. Design Cubed creates visually compelling designs and concise, focused messages that effectively communicate your value to your target audience.



Visual Communication is a collaborative process between the client (you) and the design team (Design Cubed) to reach your target audience with the right message and the desire to act.

Each client has a unique problem to solve – this is where we start.



Analyze the problem and conduct research.
During this initial phase, project goals and design directions emerge.



Identify and clarify project goals and objectives.
With a problem-solver’s eye and years of experience, the knowledge gained in the discovery phase is shaped into a business solution.



Explore concepts and create mockups to identify the best solution to the problem.



Implement the design, provide printing solutions, and all other assistance to achieve the end result.



Results of the project are important to Design Cubed. We stay involved to ensure that expectations have been met.